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St. Andrew's School has incorporated the house system to develop the spirit of leadership, team work and discipline among the students. The Students of our School are divided into four groups (HOUSES) Namely; 'THE BHASKER', 'THE VASUNDHRA', 'THE AMBER',' THE KUNDAN' These groups help them to enhance and polish the hidden talents. These groups also help them to display their creativity, knowledge, leadership qualities managerial qualities and any other different types of art form among the students.

The names of the groups have been provided with a specific Meaning, Motto and Color.


The Red Color is seen in fire (Agni) and is also seen in the SUN. The Agni has a power to enlighten things and making the impure thing pure. The red color represents affection and slenderness of any character and hence this color inspires the world to enlighten with its true love, affection and slanders' character. Since Red color belongs to the Agni and Agni to the sun. Another name for the Sun is "Bhasker". Thus this wonderful name THE BHASKER has been chosen for the Red House.


Green color represents Nature, which we perceive on the Earth. Earth is a symbol of tolerance and has seen life from its origin. Everyone looks forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. The earth teaches us to be prosperous, fruitful and happy just as the green color in Nature. Therefore our school has chosen this beautiful name "VASUNDHRA" for green house which is also another name of The Earth.


Blue color is in the sky. Sky is vast, and immortal. Blue color gives peace and soothing effect to our Soul. Our dear Students need to look into the vast and immortal sky to receive true peace and purity of soul. That's why our school has chosen the name “AMBAR" for blue house which is also one of the synonyms of Sky.


The yellow color is of Gold. It is Pure, glorious and beautiful when blended with precious stones it is also symbol of wealth and power. One needs be like Gold, Pure at heart, having beauty of character and gain wealth and power with hard work. Like Gold we should have qualities that can be beneficial to others as well as to ourselves. Considering these points our school has chosen this name "KUNDEN" for yellow house.

School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090

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