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Responsible Behavior Plan For Students:

St. Andrews School is committed to provide quality education to all our Students. School aims to develop an environment which is supportive of all students and which provides all with opportunities for future success in an ever-changing world.

Essential to the establishment of this school, environment is the partnership that exists between students, teachers, parents. A partnership which will encourage students' self-discipline, and productive attitudes.

As a school, we aim to establish a practical and effective responsible behavior plan which is integral to the school's culture. This plan is also intended to provide a practical and effective framework which supports parents in a working partnership with staff and students to ensure that the School continues to be an excellent school where students do quality work and achieve success.


No Smoking

Smoking and Chewing tobacco by students is forbidden at school or when the school uniform is worn in public or at any time students attend any function associated with the school. Students are not to have cigarettes, matches or lighters in their possession at school. Students who contravene this policy will be given a suitable consequence.

Care Of School Property

It is clearly the task of all students to keep clean and tidy the place where they live for five or six hours each day. Their school grounds and equipment should be treated with respect and care. Chewing gum is not permitted inside the school grounds. Permanent maker pens, correcting fluid, “white out” are not to be brought into the school grounds by students. If so they will be confiscated and need to be collected by parents.

Student Drivers

Students are not permitted to drive Motor Cycles to School under any circumstance. Students bring bikes to school at their own risks and are required to pay a nominal cost..

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a widely used method of communication. Many families give their children a mobile so that contact can be easily and readily maintained. This is often essential in the busy lifestyles of many families. Our position is that students are encouraged not to bring mobile phones to school. However, if preferred by parents, they should be handed into the student administration and collected each afternoon. If students are seen with a mobile phone at any stage it will be confiscated for collection at the end of the day.


All visitors to the school are requested to call the Guard at the Gate and sign in the register. Our Guard will then assist visitors to locate personnel. Parents must give written permission for any relative who wish to visit their child.

School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090

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