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School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090


In the modern times no student can be assessed only on the class performance. Therefore CBSE has developed a scheme known as CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) St. Andrew's School strictly follows the CCE scheme so that the student can be assessed by his/her overall performance in the school. Each Student is assessed on the basis of his academic performance. (Class tests and exams) as well as on the basis of :-

Co-Scholastic areas – (Competitions, debates, extempore, speeches etc.)

Attitudes and Values- Respect towards the teachers and fellow students, behavior in the school and class-room

Co-Scholastic activities- Projects and creative skills.

Physical education. Attending School on Saturday, taking part in sports/P.T.

School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090

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