School Timing:- Summer(7:45 am to 01:00 pm)/ Winter(08:30 am to 02:00 pm)

School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090


75% of attendance is compulsory for students to remain at school until they finish the Academic year. Repeated absence without written information for a month renders the student liable to strike of his/her name from the rolls. Thereafter admission will be granted on the payment of Fresh enrollment. Student returning to school after illness should provide Doctor's certification.

Rolls are marked in students' first period each day. All absences must be explained by a note from a parent or guardian, to be given to the teacher in first period; or by telephoning on 9219401670, 9219400444.

Students arriving late to school must report to the Principals Office. Parents are also urged to support the school in ensuring that students attend School on time.

This school takes very seriously its responsibility of care for students and parents will appreciate that it is important to everyone that all student absences be accounted for. A medical certificate or appropriate alternative is required for the student to sit for examinations as a result of illness.

Leaving The School Grounds:

Students wishing to leave the school at any time during the day must bring written permission from a parent/guardian – to be handed in to the office before school; and before leaving the school must have their names entered into a register. Permission will only be granted for legitimate reasons.


Illness at School

Facilities available to students who become ill while attending school are very limited. If a student is ill, parents will be notified by telephone and will be requested to come to the school to take him/her home. It is important that we have a phone number to ring so that we can contact a parent, relative or friend in case an emergency.

Parents should inform the school of allergies or physical limitations or disabilities both temporary and permanent, which may affect a student's well being or progress at school.

In case of injury in School The students will be attended by the School Nurse and parents will be informed.

School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090

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