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School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090

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St. Andrew's School currently has 1700 Students in both the mediums. Our school services the surrounding areas of Subash Nagar, Badaun Road, Kareilly, Kargaina, Mandi Nath, City Station, Kila, Biharipur, Civil Lines, Mahesh Pura, Sardar Nagar and Khajwai etc.

Our school is staffed with 56 teachers and 12 support personnel, all highly qualified and experienced educators. They are committed to providing quality public education. Additional support is provided by a fulltime Guidance Officer, a Behavior Management advisor, a school chaplain and a school Nurse.

The new School building St. Andrews School, Branch 2 and the play field occupies extensive area of land (approximately 40,500 Sq. ft.).

The School buildings are off education standard in design with large and airy class rooms including general teaching areas and specialist area such as Home economics, art, biology, chemistry, physics and Mathematics labs, Information Technology, Physical education and business studies. A modern resource centre, Administrative block complete the suites of facilities.

We also have on site, an Auditorium for Professional Learning which provides a conference facility for up to 200 students.

St. Andrew's offers a quality education in a caring, safe, school setting. We see our relatively small enrolment as being advantageous for the following :

Small class numbers.

More personal attention.

Greater access to support services, including career and guidance.

Greater access to education services, such as computers, sporting equipment and library resources.

A more thorough knowledge and understanding of each student by staff.

Increased contact between the school and families.

We are often applauded for our staff's commitment to the student and the school's more holistic approach to education. We aim and succeed at finding positive outcomes for all our students. Our flexible approach, coupled with a determination to develop our students into good citizens, means that every student at St. Andrew's has the opportunity for success.

We value care, Consideration and Co-operation

Students who have satisfied their basic needs (e.g. respect and being valued), and are motivated, will choose to engage in learning. Children learn effectively if they are interested, challenged and motivated.

Our students will be well-adjusted individuals, who are confident, communicative, independent, motivated, enthusiastic, mature, achieving, skilled, knowledgeable, future oriented and socially aware.

The role of the parents is to:

Support and encourage students to value Education.

Assist students to develop responsibility for learning.

Provide support for educational issues within the school, Students need to develop the motivation to enhance self responsibility and independence for their own learning, and respect for the rights of others to learn.

The teacher is a catalyst for effective and independent learning through developing a supportive and dynamic classroom environment. Positive relationships,

mutual respect and cooperation between students and teachers produce better outcomes.

to effectively manage students (for learning to occur):

All staff must be aware of the student engagement policy and implement it firmly, fairly and consistently. Teachers must plan lessons that engage and challenge students. Students must take responsibility for their behavior.

Assessment practices are open and accountable, and will reflect the work completed during the course of study.

The reporting that follows will indicate outcomes achieved to parents/students and EQ authorities, and identify specific areas of strength, and areas requiring further development.

School code Branch 1-1217 |School code Branch 2-5090

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